Top Source Countries For Immigration To New Zealand

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Shaun posted this 25 April 2017

So immigration has been in the news a lot lately here. I found it hard to believe that any of the asian countries are in the top 4 for 2017 though...

So it turns out South Africa is 4th hey. Yup, there are lots of Saffers here!

The article:

Some more stats:


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hugo_nz posted this 25 April 2017

The article in the Herald is a good read. I believe that the changes to the SMC are good purely because the system has been gamed but shady immigration consultants. 

Going on two years and still enjoying the ride.

Shaun posted this 25 April 2017

They talk about not bringing the numbers down, but rather increasing the quality of migrants into the country and trying to move people into other areas other than Auckland because Auckland's infrastructure needs to play catch up with the population increase.

Its also elections coming up and a way to try and attract voters.

Shady consultants are a problem. There has been a few stories about migrant exploitation too. I like to see that government is aware and are taking steps to address these problems and not just turning a blind eye.


Johan posted this 28 October 2017

Yep, nobody would believe how many SAFFAs there are here if not experienced for themselves. I have been here for 8 years and know that I cannot speak Afrikaans in public, expecting not to be understood by somebody.

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