Still in the cloud

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Johan posted this 28 October 2017

Hi. I’m still here in NZ and still believing that the decision to come here was the best I could have made nine years ago (it took more than a year to get everything sorted). I have forgotten about most of the process and am sure things has changed dramatically by now. The only thing lately has been us getting citizenship two years ago. Also got a degree, in education, over here about the same time (at an undisclosed age over 40 😉). Had to do an IELTS test to get it done – shoe!

My reason for joining the forum is my memories of the stresses and strains it took before we settled and understanding that there is no such thing as fully settled anywhere, even if we stayed in SA – the world is turning faster now. I also got up this morning to a message from family in SA, containing another video of somebody there trying to rally people to get things to change for the better. I wanted to respond to it and decided that a positive place like this would be great.


I can only offer my experiences, which has been overall positive and offer support for others who are going through decisions we have made. 

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hugo_nz posted this 05 November 2017

Welcome Johan, and thanks for joining. 

Going on two years and still enjoying the ride.