Hi Everyone,

So today marks the official changes by Immigration New Zealand.

There are 2 categories that have changes and one should not be mistaken for the other.

Essential Skills Work Visa Summary:

• Introducing skill bands based on remuneration and ANZSCO skill level
• Aligning visa conditions with the skill band
• Introducing a maximum amount of time visa holders can work in lower-skilled employment–maximum of 3 years
• Requiring partners and dependent children of lower-skilled visa holders to apply for visas in their own right

Skilled Migrant Category

• The introduction of remuneration thresholds as an additional means of defining skilled employment–minimum $23.49 p/hour
• The requirement for previous work experience to be skilled, with more points available for skilled work experience
• An increase in points for age between 30 and 39–to 30 points
• An increase in points for level 9 and 10 post graduate qualifications
• Identified Future Growth –removed
• Qualifications in areas of absolute skills shortage – removed
• Close family in New Zealand - removed.

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