Info needed :- Fingerprinting for Police Clearance Certs & IELTS Eng tests

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foxylady posted this 01 November 2017

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is doing well. 

I'm looking for some current info and feedback:

(1) where and how to do fingerprinting for Police Clearance Certificates whilst onshore in Auckland and do we require the NZ forms or SA police forms for these?

(2) IELTS Eng tests- anyone done these recently and perhaps their feedback

Any info would really help us as their seems to be so many conflicting information out there.

Thanks in advance for any feedback as it will really be appreciated.




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Johan posted this 01 November 2017

Hi Foxylady

I cannot help much re fingerprints as I have not had to do it, but heard couple of years ago that NZ police was not doing it anymore. 

IELTS I had to do three years ago. Got my 7 academic first time, but not my wife (who is English speaking). My best advice is to get study material from the NZ library if you are in NZ (or where ever you can by it on the net) and do those exercises as though you are studying for your matric exam. The study guides that you buy or loan are excellent. I got 9 for speaking and scored 7 and over for everything else. Take it seriously and study every evening for a month at least. It is not easy, but doable. 

Good luck.

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foxylady posted this 02 November 2017

Hi Johan


Great, thanks for the information. That really is appreciated. Yes we are in NZ !

You did very well Johan.


Thanks again.

Shaun posted this 02 November 2017

Hey, have you seen this link regarding finger prints yet:

It is a little bit old, but says that they can be done at NZ post and links to the following location.

Please let us know how you get on with these things



Info from the police website:

Auckland area

On 31 October 2013, NZ Post commenced a fingerprint capture service for employment/immigration and other purposes.

Whereas NZ Police had previously provided a fingerprinting service that was time consuming, fully manual, and involved inking applicants' hands, NZ Post now provides a cleaner, faster electronic capture and copy system. There is a charge for this service.

Currently, the NZ Post service is limited to the Auckland area, with the participating Postshops being Wellesley Street (Auckland City), and Manukau. Police no longer provide this fingerprinting service in the Auckland area. Applicants will need to go to one of the Postshops mentioned rather than to a police station to obtain the fingerprinting service.

Outside of the Auckland area, this fingerprinting service will still be available from some Police Stations until further notice.

More information about the service can be located on the NZ Post website(link is external).

South African nationals

South African Nationals requiring their fingerprints taken in order to obtain a South African Police clearance in the Auckland area should go to one of the participating Postshops. 

South African Nationals in the Auckland trial area who require fingerprints to be taken for SA passport issue/ renewal or other purposes must contact the South African High Commission  on (04) 815 8484.


foxylady posted this 02 November 2017

Hi Shaun

Yes I have seen these, so thought I will ask anyway as there's lotsa info out there and nice to hear if someone had  done them already.  I contacted docassist back in SA for a quote for their courier service and they sent and attached SA fingerprint forms.  So if its at the NZ postshops which is great, it will of course be on their own supplied forms.

Thanks again


Shaun posted this 02 November 2017

All good, we have some friends who have also quite recently done police clearance certificates. I will check in with them and see if they might have any inside info