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thombatt posted this 14 August 2016

One of the things you will want to get going as soon as possible is opening a bank account. In fact you need a bank account to get a tax number. See the thread on getting a tax number.

It is even possible to open a bank account before you even arrive in New Zealand, though you will not be able to withdraw funds until you present yourself to the bank with adequate proof of identity.

Banking is a very personal thing. One person may love a bank while somebody else will hate that bank. It's all dependent on the service that each individual gets from a bank. Unfortunately banks cannot guarantee the same experience for two different people.

The larger banks are



ANZ Bank

BNZ Bank

ASB Bank

Kiwi Bank

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Shaun posted this 15 August 2016

Thanks, yup. I was able to open an account from SA with ASB. I was also able to transfer funds to it. But, I was only able to withdraw the funds once I was able to show proof of residence. This was a as simple as the bank sending me a letter through the post (which works really efficiently here) to where I was staying and then bringing that letter back to the bank.

So you should try convert some Rands to NZ dollars in SA before getting here so you arent left without money for those couple of days.


Shaun posted this 11 October 2016

When I came over, we could only open an account from overseas with ASB. A friend of ours who just came over has now been able to open an account with ANZ. So it seems as though there are more options available these days.


hugo_nz posted this 07 February 2017

We set up our account with Westpac while we were still in SA. Same limitations applied. They set up an appointment with our banker for after we arrived. Both cheque and credit cards were pre-approved. 

Going on two years and still enjoying the ride.

foxylady posted this 11 February 2017

Hi Hugo

We have done the same with Westpac from SA.  My hubbie arrived safely in NZ and will activate his account in the week. 

Hope2Go2 posted this 24 March 2017

Hi everyone, we'll be visiting NZ for a week in June (yay!) to activate our Residence Visas (double yay!).

Question:  Can we open a NZ bank account using our SA residential address?  Will they mail the confirmation letter to our SA mailbox, so that we can then fly over, walk into their big building in NZ and present the letter as proof of address?

Which bank would you guys and gals suggest we use?

What else does the process entails?  E.g. should we tell the SA Reserve Bank or someone else?  I would guess we need permission to move money into a NZ bank account?


Shaun posted this 24 March 2017

Hey hope2go2, I think you can open an account from SA and then when you are here they can send confirmation to where ever you are staying. When I came over ASB was the only bank that allowed this. But now apparently more do it to. I have been hearing rumours that ANZ is leading the pack at the moment but that could possibly just be personal preference from the source.


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Hope2Go2 posted this 31 March 2017

Thanks very much, Shaun!  I'll look into ANZ for now.  So many things to sort out in this journey, hey.


Hope2Go2 posted this 10 April 2017

Just an update: we opened up an account with BNZ as there website and forms seemed the easiest of the bank sites we looked at. It was as easy as filling out a form, then waiting a day or so. Then doing a transfer (from Standard Bank's site) and waiting another two days. And voila! Now we need to go to a BNZ branch when we visit Auckland in June to activate the account.

Now we only need one final little miracle in the form of a job offer and we'll be off! holding thumbs..

Shaun posted this 11 April 2017

Good info to know for those still getting to that point.

Great news on your progress and good luck for the job offers coming your way!